Chandigarh is the earliest planned city in India, designed by Le Corbusier. As such, it is stamped with the modernist European visions of scientific rationalism, efficiency and social improvement through design. Some Great Europeans took place in front of the Chandigarh Art Museum, one of the Le Corbusier buildings. Visitors were invited to interpret an image from a series of photographs, all of which show public statues of some “great” Europeans. The freedom offered by parody, a moment in which history, monumentality, becomes theirs to embody.
Chandigarh Art Museum, 18-partes photo series

Christopher Columbus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Christiano Ronaldo

Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

Exhibition view, Sperling

Jeanne d'Arc

Georges Danton

Otto von Bismarck

Charles de Gaulle

Winstol Churchill


Exhibition view, Sperling

Sigmund Freud

William Shakespeare

Miguel de Cervantes

Victor Hugo

Marie Curie

Johann W. Goethe & Friedrich Schiller