The starting point for this work was a situation that I happened to observe: 3 boys tried to kick a wooden plank that was leaning against the wall of a house. Between childishness and manliness, play and aggression, they kick against the board over and over again with karate-like leaps, and still fail. Das Brett, 2013
Since then, I have been leaning wooden boards against house walls myself – as an implicit offer to those who need to get rid of an emotion. When I return to the planks, I almost always find them kicked through and broken. And even if the “who” and the “why” remain hidden, the broken planks become an individual portrait of their anonymous authors.

Brett Luzern, 2015

Brett Basel I, 2015

Das Brett, 2013

Brett Wien, 2016

Brett Basel II, 2016

Brett Brüssel, 2016

A version of this work has been made for the exhibition El malestar en un espacio sin gravedad (with Javier Gonzalez Pesce) at MAC, Santiago de Chile in 2019: About 100 planks leaned against the exhibition wall. The audience impressively accepted this offer and their reaction was a foretaste of what was to take place on the streets of Santiago just a few weeks later.