The Artist’s Sheets

Refined Millionaire-Sheets made by fellow artists.

This work follows a tradition that has its roots in the beginning of the 20th century. Under the influence of Jugendstil and the Arts & Crafts movement, industrial giants engaged artists to illustrate their companies’ shares in order to enhance their value. I follow this approach and ask other artists to refine my sheets with their own work – which of course has a positive impact on demand and price.

Scott Robertson
Share and share alike

Michikazu Matsune
Share and share alike

Steven Emmanuel
49507-49515 & 52760-52762
Share and share alike

Czar Kristoff

Christine Demias
No. 50153-50164

Simon Pfeffel
No. 49521-49529

Junyang Li
Fraud versions of No. 50000, 100000, 250000, 500000, 1000000

Stephanie Saadé
No. 49505

Daniel Kupferberg
No. 23426-23430

Sarah Bogner
No. 46507-46513

Josef Zekoff
No. 46503-46505

Hanakam & Schuller
No. 46405-46415

Freetown Papers
No. 46255-46283

The first performance festival in the public space of Freetown, Sierra Leone took place in August 2021. It was organized by Random Institute in cooperation with the independent artist network Réunion. The 14 artists of the festival created a special series of Artsits Sheets called the Freetown Papers. Instead of hiding money (Panama Papers), these papers transfer money to the Global South. Each sheet can be purchased for €33, which directly support the nonprofit organization Social Income, an initiative that offers a radically simple path to fight global poverty by letting everyone participate by contributing 1% of their income. The donations are then paid out directly as a Universal Basic Income to the mobile phones of people in need.

Thanks to the participants: Andreas Wagner, Brigham Baker, Carlos Fernandez, Cosima Grand, Fantacee Wiz, Felix Rhodes, Hawa Kanu, Isata Tejan Sesay, Juliette Uzor, Mabel Turay, Nelly Haliti, Sandino Scheidegger, Sergio Rojas Chaves, Sheka Kallon

Salvatore Viviano
No. 45955-45959

Isabel Nolan
No. 45942-45951

Oriol Vilanova
No. 45926-45940

No. 45899-45919

Yorgos Stamkopoulos
No. 45887-45898

Benjamin Appel
No. 45856-56861

Maya Rochat
No. 45846-45855

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
No. 45823-45833

Anna Paul
No. 39835-39845

Na Kim
No. 39447-39456

Franziska Nast
No. 39439-39445

Axel Loytved
No. 39429-39437

Sarina Scheidegger
No. 39404-39413

Hendrik-Jan Hunneman
No. 39393-39403

Talisa Lallai
No. 39388-39392

Neven Allgaier
No. 39382-39387

Mikko Rikala
No. 39376-39381

Jakob Rockenschaub
No. 36709-36716

Alina Lupu
No. 36617-36625

Georg Petermichl
No. 36314-36321

Helmut Smits
No. 36329-36337

Adrien Missika
No. 36314-36324

Peter Sit
No. 36595

Ryts Monet
No. 36353

Stefan Elmer
No. 36334-36344

Guillaume Clermont
No. 36327-36333

Guillaume Clermont
No. 36311-36326

Adan Vallecillo
No. 36261-36264

Carlos Fernández
No. 36256-36260

Damien Dion
No. 36187-36196

Caroline Mollanger
No. 35876-35882

Kriz Olbricht
No. 35538-35540

Liesl Raff
No. 35531-35537

Federico Herrero
No. 35521-35529

Marianne Mispelaëre
No. 35503-35508

Sergio Rojas Chaves
No. 35491-35502

Pierre Bonard
No. 32648-32658

Julia Borderie
No. 32637-32647

Veronika Hilger
No. 32629-32635

Manuel Burgener
No. 32621-32628

Guillaume Dufour Morin
No. 326013

Alex Chevalier
No. 32596-32606

Jonas Schmidt
No. 32566-32570

Hubert Renard
No. 325519-32527

Marlene Hausegger
No. 32512-32516

Karina Bisch
No. 32504-32511

Katharina Höglinger
No. 32460-32471

Mathieu Tremblin
No. 32451-32455

No. 32348-32355

Mathilde Denize
No. 32341-32347

Felix Oehmann
No. 32283-32289

Marc Buchy
No. 32265-66

No. 32367-32282

Klara Hobza
No. 32263–32264

Exposer Publier
No. 32253–32264

Rosa Sijben
No. 30372–30381

Axel Koschier
No. 30351–30371

Bianca Pedrina
No. 30341–30350

Adrian Flores
No. 30326–30334

Andreas Heusser
No. 30192–30199 (to be numbered and signed)
Sheets have been sent to various Thomas Geiger in Germany.

Johanna Schaible
No. 30184–30191

Diana Abi Khalil
No. 30177–30183

Javier Calvo
No. 30171–30176

The Dead Artists Sheets
No. 27037-27069 & 27076-27330

I contacted my favourite dead artists and asked them for a contribution. Unfortunately, there are no images of the sheets available - so be curious what is coming from the otherworld.

With contributions by:
Bas Jan Ader, Vincenzo Agnetti, Christopher d’Arcangelo, Keith Arnatt, Jean Michel Basquiat, Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Broodthaers, George Brecht, stanley brouwn, James Lee Byars, Ulises Carrión, Hanne Darboven, Stefan Demary, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tomislav Gotovac, Alberto Greco, Douglas Huebler, Piero Manzoni, Mario Merz, Yves Klein, Lee Lozano, On Kawara, Julius Koller, Bob Law, Gordon Lebredt, George Maciunas, Jackson Mac Low, Gustav Metzger, Blinky Palermo, Benjamin Patterson, Dmitri Prigow, Dieter Roth, Mladen Stilinović, Paul Thek, Emmet Williams, Rémy Zaugg

Daniel Göttin
No. 30161

Samuel Bich
No. 30160
Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

Sebastian Utzni
No. 30138–30150

Stefan Klein
No. 27070-27075
If you are not at the table you are on the menu

Albert Allgaier
No. 26922

Donna Kukama
No. 26891-26915

Sasha Kurmaz
No. 26877-26890

Nicolas Chardon
No. 26642-26654

Victoria Wigzell
No. 26326-26334
Hard surfaces get pierced too!

Anthea Moys
No. 26325
The Portrait Exchange

Frans Van Lent
No. 26324
Big is beautiful! 120 x 100cm

Simnikiwe Buhlungu
No. 26321–26323

Andrew Gilbert
No. 26321–26323

Jozef Wouters
No. 24340–24343
Numbered as watermarks

Eric Andersen
No. 24362–24431

Louise Guerra
No. 24350–24361

Camille Tsvetoukhine
No. 24344–24348

Maria Tackmann
No. 23757–23762

Marcel Meury
No. 24.000, 25.000, 26.000, 27.000

Maarten Janssen
No. 3.88

Boris Van Den Eynden
No. 23800–23807

Steve Giasson
No. 23790–23800
Hand copied stamp & signature

Maria Ikonomopoulou
No. 23757–23762

Thomas Moor
No. 21330
Stamp on watermark paper

David Bernstein
No. 23432-23435

Delphine Chapuis Schmitz
No.1300000, 131313, 13000, 130000, 1300000, 13000000
Go for it!
Single sheets inserted into a selection of books.

Hana Miletiç
No. 23426–23431

Paul Maheke
No. 21320–21329

Martin La Roche
No. 20006–20030

Christian Odzuck
No. 19938–19948

Romain Gandolphe
No. 19757–19766
What happened to the five sheets of the millionaire project.
10 sheets in an handwritten envelope.

Random Institute
No. 19061–19062
Two millionaires working at the Hedge Fund Advisory at Credit Suisse were asked to write down what they want to become.

Sophie Lapalu
No. 17995–18010
Á bruit secret
An unpublished text by Sophie Lapalu is printed on the sheets.

Adrien Guillet
No. 17920–17925

Dany Petermann
No. 17857–17868

Pierre Silververg
No. 17836 & No. X
Photographic reproduction & negative sheet which has the value that misses up to the million.

No. 17833–17835
Photographies of Pierre Silverberg’s Doel Project

Kasper Andreasen
No. 17290–17300

Daniel Gustav Cramer
No. 17206–17219
English-German Dictionary, 822pp, Tauchnitz Verlag, Leipzig, 1943.
Sheets mark the pages 1, 42, 305, 385, 661, 673, 741, 774

Rosalie Schweiker
No. 17206–17219

Karel Martens
No. 17195–17205

Katrin Fuchsloch
No. 15130–15136

Pilvi Takala
No. 15121–15129
Sheet attached to the business card of Thayer Willis the author of "Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors"

No. 15120–15124
"Can you handle becoming a millionaire?" - an assesment sheet by Pilvi Takala.

Daniela Baldelli
No. 15116

Ben K. Voss
No. 15052–15058

Andrew Gannon
No. 15042–15051

Florence Jung
No. 15030–15041
These sheets, as well as the one for whom they are destined, are blessed.

Adrien Tirtiaux
No. 15029, 15137-15144

Harmen de Hoop
No. 14925-14932

Matthias Huber
No. 14905–14915

Gerhard Jordan
No. 13714–13723

Kurt Ryslavy
No. 13602–13615
Voucher for 1 free bottle of Austrian “Grüner Veltliner“

Nikolaus Rickmann
No. 13574–13581

Adnan Balet-Balcinovic
No. 13566–13568

Andreas von Ow
No. 13554–13565

Sebastian Walther
No. 13528

Daniela Löbbert
No. 13519–13527

Johannes Lang
No. 13411–13424

Sophie Thun
No. 13388–13410

Gerard Ortín
No. 13379–13386

Pedro Wirz
No. 13315–13320

Veronika Merklein
No. 14000–14011

Stijn van Dorpe
No. 13298–13304
Two Lines Went Camping; Untitled (I’m not here); Untitled (An edition added to an edition)

Topp & Dubio
No. 13148–13160

Claudia de la Torre
No. 13138–13147

Florian Köhler
No. 12897-12901
Prints on thermal paper

Christoph Bruckner
No. 12888-12896

Karim Benzema
No. 13335-13350
Dream Note No.9

Benedikt Terwiel
No. 7588-7593

Janusz Czech
No. 7579-7581

Stephen K. Reeder
No. 7573-7577

Markus Kircher
No. 7713

David Jourdan
No. 7562–7572
Unititled (Only 10 left)

Ben Öztat
No. 7544–7559

Kilian Kretschmer
No. 7336–7353 & 7363–7531
KOMPLETT, Flip-book

No. 24603
Washed in my pants pockets

Eric Hattan
No. 7324–7335 & 7560–7561

Björn Braun
No. 7322–7323

Helen Feifel
No. 7318–7321

Isabella Gerstner
No. 7310–7317
Notes from Istanbul

Antoanetta Marinov
No. 7270–7309
Set of 40 play cards

Hyo Kwon
No. 7264–7269 & 7354–7362

Billy X. Curmano
No. 7249–7253

Jonas Fechner
No. 7246–7248

Jakup Ferri
No. 7234–7245

Natalie Obert
No. 7224–7233

Eero Yli-Vakkuri
No. 7210–7223

San Keller
No. 7195–7209
All terminology for regional winds out of a Meterologic Dicitonary. The one who buys the sheets has to learn the names by hard.

Mark Pezinger
No. 7194

Ana Navas
No. 7192–7193

Alexander Wagner
No. 7188–7191

John Bock
No. 7177–7186

Sarah Schlenker
No. 7168–7176
This Moment

David Sherry
No. 7162–7167

Thomas A. Straub
No. 7146–7160
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties by D.C. Beard

Jessica Twitchell
No. 7116–7145

Marta Kolendo
No. 7109–7115

Mikko Kuorinki
No. 7100–7108

No. 7091–7098

Carolina Perez-Pallares
No. 7081–7090
Perforated sheets

Michael Ebert Hanke
No. 7071–7080

Josef Felix Müller
No. 7058–7069

Astrid Seme
No. 7050–7057
Monoprints with toiletpaper

Otto D. Handschuh
No. 7041–7047

Michalis Pichler
No. 7040 & 7532–7543
Price per sheet is equal to the value of the note: 10 × 1$, 2 × 5$, 1 × 10$.

Max Leiß
No. 7032–7039

Katrin Herzner
No. 7008, 7030, 7031, 7048, 7049, 7070, 7115, 7187
I sent 15 sheets away, one to the US, one to Canada, one to Uganda…

Julius Deutschbauer
No. 7024–7029

Rodrigo Hernandéz
No. 7009–7023

Darko Aleksovski
No. 7002–7007 & 7583–7587

Johannes Wald
No. 7001