Kunsthalle3000 is an institution as intervention declaring specific spots within public space as Kunsthalle to create an intensive, yet temporary locale for performance, discussion, confrontation and interchange. To date, Kunsthalle3000 has been located in Vienna, Johannesburg, Geneva and Beirut.

Private Monuments

“… eight dedications can be found as an instruction for a small performance or momentary gesture to activate these newly created stages. These are Private Monuments, created as much from my own memory as from each generous moment and gesture afforded them by visitors who pass them by.” (Image by Stefan Kissel, 2017)

Bricks to Perform (book)

“Dear Reader, find enclosed this manual based on brick formations as they are made and un-made daily in the streets of Johannesburg. Consider it your guide to recreate these as potential sculptures in the streets of your city, or in the comfort of your home.”

Bricks to Perform

A concrete stage and some bricks invite the audience to create and re-create potential brick sculptures based on the same-named publication. Installation view: Filsers, Maienburg.

Das Brett

A short video that captures a ready-made situation on the street: Three young boys are trying to kick through a plank that leans against a house wall. Again and again they are jumping against the plank. Finally they are giving up, accepting that the plank is (still) to strong for them.

I want to become a millionaire

An on-going performance that aim is to fund my projects in an independent way. Since 2010, I am selling sheets each for 1€ signed and with a sequential number out of 1.000.000. To date I have earned more than 27.000€ that helped me to finance Mark Pezinger Verlag, Festival of Minimal Actions and Kunsthalle3000. Get your sheets here.

Artists Sheets

At the beginning of the 20th century industrials engaged artists to illustrate their stock certificates in order to enhance the value of their company through aesthetic representation. I followed this principle and invited artists to create a special edition of the Millionaire-Sheets. Image: Contribution by Paul Maheke.

Festival of Minimal Actions

Considering that the best way to keep a “performance” alive is to repeat it, I invited artists to share their inconspicuous actions dedicated to the haphazard onlookers. During the Festival of Minimal Actions I repeated these concepts myself for a new and random audience. To date, the Festival took place in Brussels (2014) and Paris (2015). The 3rd and final edition will take place in 2018 in San José (Costa Rica) on invitation of Déspacio. Image: Reperformance of Adrien Tirtiaux‘s Dog Days

I looked on my head from above (Audio)

Originally developed as a written text, in this 2016 Audio version a English woman calmly performs a rendition of the text which consists of a succession of terse, matter-of-fact one-sentence descriptions of events and actions. Each sentence beginning with the first person pronoun ‘I’, giving the impression that her admission of responsibility is both a confession and a boast (…) As it becomes clear that the list of events intoned are in fact artworks performed by multiple mostly male authors, the integrity of the speaker withers …play excerpt

Le Pharaon doré

Living statues, disguised as golden pharaohs, appear continually in different spots in Paris. The motionless golden figures reward each money donation with a little bow. One would assume that competition is good for business – at the least, it should lead to more creative energy. This makes it all the more interesting that the pharaohs seem somewhat indifferent to driving economic forces – an attitude which is emblematic of “ennui”. The video installation brings together a choreography of twenty pharaohs through the multi-channel interplay of pausing and bowing.

Grounded Seats

Sometimes people use newspapers, magazines or cardboards when sitting outside on stairs, etc. Grounded Seats is a collection of these items to continue and preserve their newly dedicated function as seat covers.
Installation view: Bretter eben (with Eric Hattan) at Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel.


Seesaws is a series of sculptures that display other artworks on their rigid arms. The audience is invited to engage with some of the works and to cause a change in the states of the seesaws.
Installation view: Bretter eben (with Eric Hattan) at Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel.

Brussels Stones

Pick up a loose cobblestone and walk around the city with the stone in the hand. This gesture not only induces disconcerted looks from strangers, but also provides a strong personal experience to the performer: How does one’s gait change? Am I myself capable of throwing a stone? Under which circumstances?


20 stolen doorstops holding one single door open.


A subtil offer for those who need to let out steam: I leaned planks against house walls at various places. Some time later, I returned to these spots and found most of the planks kicked through and broken.

Dream Notes

Sometimes we find the even better ready-made sculptures, performances or actions in our dreams. Dream Notes is an ongoing collections of my personal ones …

Thinking Machine

The Thinking Machine is a language-based instrument that is an elemental part of my everyday practice: I spin the wheels and receive a combination of 3 words that stays with me throughout the day and serve as the basis for my visualization.